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At the same time, the value of the yuan has remained virtually the same an unnatural state in economics, to be sure. The result has been an increase in purchasing power for Chinese people a promise the Chinese Communist Party made and kept. But it also created an imbalance between the increasing amount of yuan in circulation and the steadiness of the currency’s value that “will only continue to grow if the CNY does not weaken materially and China’s financial sector continues to expand at double-digit rates,” Chu wrote (emphasis ours). Now, keep in mind that a double-digit expansion of the banking sector is something of a jog considering what China’s used to. “Total banking sector assets in China will increase [by 30 trillion yuan] to [228 trillion yuan] in 2016 alone, and another [100 trillion yuan] will be added to this by 2020 if the banking sector grows at 10% per annum, which, we would note, would be the lowest growth rate on record,” Chu wrote. Last month, $82 billion left China, as the government was forced to fix its currency lower and lower against the dollar and people worried about the value of their assets. And despite the fact that China’s leaders have tried to tell the world that the yuan is now fixed against a basket of currencies, not just the dollar, it doesn’t matter. We still live in a dollar world. Consequences Now instead of growth, the Chinese government’s main concern is keeping capital in the country.

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